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Over 4,300 burglaries happen in The United States every day. Companies all over the world are working to help homeowners protect their homes and belongings and increase efficiency. Providing state-of-the-art devices to monitor and control their homes, these companies are turning ordinary homes into functional smart homes. Located in American Fork, Utah, of the companies making progress in this industry is AMP Smart. 

What is AMP Smart?

AMP Smart is an innovative home automation and security company. The team at AMP Smart is constantly pushing to create cutting-edge technology to keep homes safe. With 24-7 monitoring, smart cameras, floor sensors, medical buttons, and more, AMP Smart provides everything needed to feel secure at home.

How Does AMP Smart Work?

AMP Smart offers both home security and home automation products. Customers can create a custom security package to suit their individual needs. Solutions cover both exterior and interior needs, from the AMP Smart Video Doorbell to the Light Control Module.

All AMP Smart devices can be controlled in two ways: via the AMP Smart Panel and with the AMP Smart Mobile app. This allows users to check in on their home from anywhere in the world, with the tap of a finger. The AMP Smart Panel is one of the best on the market, with an ultra compact look, built-in router, and dual path connectivity to improve speed and reliability.


What Can AMP Smart Products Do?

The products at AMP Smart provide a wide range of services for homeowners, including:


Customers can use the AMP Smart Garage Door Module and geofencing tools to turn lights on as they near the driveway. Geofencing also allows users to unlock doors and change the temperature before they enter the house.

Disarm Photos

If someone attempts to disarm the security system, users can get a photo of the person with vital information like the day and time of the attempt. This info can be passed on to police to help catch the perpetrator.

  • Severe Weather Alerts

AMP Smart technology offers severe weather alerts, so users can get real-time updates on weather-related dangers like hurricanes, floods, and more. Weather information can be easily found on the AMP Smart panel.

What is the AMP Smart Installation Process?

First, an expert consultant will help you determine the right security and home automation package for your home.

  • Installation

Once a customer has chosen their custom solution, a highly trained and licensed technician comes to the home to install the system. This security expert will ensure proper installation and help customers smoothly transition to their AMP Smart system.

  • Customer Care

Customers may have questions about their system after the technician leaves, and these questions can be addressed quickly and completely by the AMP customer support team. AMP Smart is proud to provide 24/7 monitoring to help customers have total peace of mind when it comes to their security solutions.

When Was AMP Smart Started?

CEO and founder Allen Bolen started AMP Smart in 2007. He created the company with a vision to retain customer accounts in-house for decades to come. Bolen is a pioneer in the security realm and top sales rep and manager. He has worked in the business since 1998—longer than anyone else in the industry.

Why AMP Smart?

With a mission of serving customers, AMP Smart believes in protecting families and centering their business around those needs. They believe home automation should be easy, so families can focus on relationships and making memories within the walls of their home. AMP Smart provides skilled staff to ensure high-quality customer service. They do everything in their power to deliver peace of mind and keep homes running smoothly.

AMP Smart CEO - Allen Bolen

Who is the AMP Smart Leadership?

The executive leadership at AMP Smart is made up of CRO Allen Bollen, COO Dave Bolen, and CFO Rob Moe. Other leadership team members include Executive VP Brandon Jacobs, President of Sales Lance Ferguson, and Sales VP Johnny Hebda.

All leadership at AMP Smart is committed to putting customers first. As a privately owned company focused on homeowners, they make it their goal to improve work, home, and family life. In order to stay on course with their mission, they never accept special interest capital investment, as many other companies in the industry do.

AMP Smart Reviews

Learn more about AMP Smart by checking out AMP Smart reviews from customers on their website. Reviews of AMP Smart will give a well-rounded look at what customers think of the product and customer service.

Outstanding experience in every way from sales to service and finally security! I have had a variety of home security systems ,from ADT to Xfinity and AMP SMART has by far been the best!
-Lyman D.
The customer service rep was so very very very helpful. She explained everything so well. I was able to follow her instructions and she gave me a quick recap on all that we went thru. Also helped me with the AMP app as well.
-Monie G

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