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Below you will find reviews from AMP Smart customers. For more information about AMP Smart, check out some more AMP Smart Reviews.

I give my highest recommendation for AMP Smart. My experience with representative Angela Greene and technician, Travis, was beyond excellent. She sat with me and guided me through all the aspects of the system. I am technologically challenged, but she patiently explained everything in terms I could understand, let me practice until I got it.

-Susan F.
Amber did a great job of walking me through getting my doorbell back online along with making sure my credit card was updated and some other administrative stuff. It was a great customer service experience. Good work Amber!!!

-Peyton R.
Dana patiently spent over 3 hrs on the phone assisting me with setting up my camera system, getting me registered in the AMPSmart app & making certain all was connected. If there was 10 stars to grade Dana on, she would deserve everyone.

-Cathy C.
Thank you amp smart for taking care of my family’s security needs. Technicians are always informative and great at educating me on my system. If ever I need anything, they’re quick to take care of us. We recommend amp smart.

-Michael H.
Needed to set up my security system on a new WiFi network. AMP Smart walked me through it step by step with ease. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. Thanks!

-Adam J.
Shawn in customer support was very helpful and friendly. I had made some changes in my home and had to reconnect some of services and he was very patient and took his time so walk through everything to make sure it was working properly. He even called me back to verify all was working to my satisfaction. I would recommend AMP to everyone.
-Stephanie P.
The representative was very helpful, courteous, and professional. She gave detailed, step-by-step instructions to fix my problem. The entire process took approximately 5 minutes to complete. Good experience with excellent customer support.

-Doug O
Thank you AMP for such helpful tech support. We are having an issue with our garage door and I called tech support today and the help was quick and clear which I definitely appreciate as I am not very tech savvy. Shania was patient with me and explained things in a way I could understand. When she was done helping me, I asked about adding a security camera feature to our account, and instead of transferring me around to a sales rep, she stayed on the phone with me while I pulled up the website to look at my options.
-Laura G.
I had an issue with my door bell camera and had some questions about some of the settings on it. I used the online chat service and talked to two people because I accidentally hit the wrong button. Both were very polite and helpful. I chatted with Jaxson last and he walked my through everything I need help with and responded to everything I typed super fast. I really like my new AMP system and the customer service I received was top notch!! Thanks Jaxson!
-J. Eckerle