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You can take all the proper precautions to protect your house from fires but it is still wise to have a plan just in case a fire occurs. No one wants a fire in their home but in case it occurs you should be prepared so here are a few safety tips to help keep you safe in the event of a fire.  

Exit Plan

Being aware of possible escape routes in your home is important in case there is a fire. No matter where you are in your house you should have multiple possible escape routes. Be especially mindful of this if you live in a multi-story home. You may need to look into ways to escape if you are unable to reach the ground floor due to the fire. One option is to have rope ladders that can attach to the window. Going over these escape routes with everyone in your family is important so they know what to do in case of a fire.

Easy Escape

Having escape routes won’t do you any good if there are large objects or clutter obstructing it. Make sure that you keep these routes clear of furniture and other belongings because you never know when you may need to use them. For some added safety consider leaving hallway lights on or putting nightlights there to keep it lit at night.

Smoke Alarms

 Smoke detectors are essential when it comes to being prepared for a fire. This early detection system can alert you and your family before its too late. Security systems can also help by notifying you and the authorities in the event of a fire for around the clock monitoring.


Having a fire drill with your family is always a great idea so that everyone knows what to do should a fire start. Make sure to review possible escape routes, practice using equipment like rope ladders and establish a place where you can meet up a reasonable distance from your home. Regular practice of these things will make sure that everyone is prepared for the unexpected.

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