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These days everyone has a credit card and its no surprise why. Credit cards are very convenient and many have great cashback rewards. One downside, however, is that they leave you vulnerable to credit card fraud and someone could rack up thousands of dollars of charges before you realize that your card has been compromised. In this article, we’ll provide you with some important tips that will help you make sure that this never happens to you. 

Make Sure Your Credit Cards are Secure

There are many ways to protect yourself from credit card fraud but the best, and most simple, way is keeping them organized and in a place where you won’t lose them. This could be a wallet or purse, you just want to make sure you have them in a place you won’t lose track of them or forget. In addition to this, you should only take the credit cards that you are planning on using that day and leave the rest in a safe place at home. When you are out it is important to keep them close to you and don’t leave your wallet or purse unattended. Make sure no one is in a position to take a picture of your card as this is an easy way for them to commit credit card fraud.

Destroy Documents With Your Card Number 

Sometimes you’ll receive things in the mail, like bills or receipts, that have your credit card number on them. If someone goes through the documents in your home or finds them in your trash they could easily get your credit card information. This can be easily avoided if you shred those documents as soon as you can. You can even place the shredded papers in different bags to ensure they are even more difficult to get your credit card number from.

Don’t Give Your Credit Card Number Out 

People may request that you give your credit card number to them over the phone or through an email but you should avoid doing this at all costs. On the small chance that it is legitimate and not a scam it is still a poor idea to give that information out. These days there are secure ways to process payment online and these should be used instead of just giving your credit card information to someone. The only time you should give your card number over the phone is when you are speaking with your credit card company.

If You Lose Your Card, Report it Immediately

If you do happen to lose a credit card the first thing you should do is report it as lost or missing to your bank. Even if you think you just misplaced it you should err on the side of caution and report it to the credit card company. They can easily issue you a new card and then you can be sure that no unauthorized charges are being made. You should also closely monitor your statements to make sure no one was able to make fraudulent purchases.

If your credit card information is stolen it can be a huge headache and can cost you thousands of dollars. It is a good practice to keep an eye on your bank statements and make sure you know where each of the charges came from. For more information view the original article from AMP Smart here.

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