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If you currently have a home security system or even if you are thinking of buying one it is important to understand how they work. In this article, we’ll cover exactly how most home security systems work but also how you can optimize them to work for you as well.

What does a home security system include?

At its simplest level, a home security system is a number of electronic devices connected through an integrated network and can be controlled through a central control panel. They are meant to protect against home intruders and thieves. Usually, a home security system will include sensors on windows and doors, motion sensors both inside the home and outside. A home security system may also include security cameras, a loud alarm to scare intruders and visible cues like yard signs and stickers.


How it all works

  • Your entire home security system can be controlled through the central control panel. Through this control panel, you can change settings in your home security system. It is important to have a secure code on this panel because it can operate your whole security system so you don’t want this to be tampered with. Some systems can even be controlled remotely through an app or through voice activation.
  • There are also a number of sensors that your security system might include. The most common are door and window sensors but you might have motion sensors as well. These sensors work by having one piece attached to the door or window frame and the other is attached to the door or window. When the door or window is closed then the sensors line up and the circuit is completed. When the circuit is disrupted without the proper authorization the alarm is sounded. Motion sensors work slightly differently. When they are armed they create an invisible area where if someone enters the alarm will go off.
  • One of the best deterrents of crime is the alarm. Your alarm should produce a sound loud enough for not only you but your neighbors to hear. The last thing a burglar wants to happen it for others to be aware of what they are doing and an alarm will often send them running. 


If your alarm is triggered, what happens next?

If you hear your alarm go off then you know that there has been some kind of unusual disturbance within your security systems field of surveillance. Depending on your system you may also receive a notification on your phone. Even though the security system is triggered it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong but you’ll want to use caution and make sure your home is safe. 

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