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A home security system can help prevent intruders from breaking into your home keeping your family and valuables safe. With that being said you should still be prepared if someone breaks in or there is a fire or flood. In this article, we’ll walk you through what you should do if your alarm goes off. 

Create an Action Plan 

There are many things that you could do in the event that your alarm goes off but one thing you definitely should not do is nothing. If it is a break-in the best thing to do is find a safe place to hide, confronting the burglar is never a good idea because you never know what they have with them. Once you, and your family, are in a safe place make sure to contact the authorities so they can come to apprehend the intruder. It is important that you’re the whole family is on the same page so they are not in as much danger should someone try and break in while you are home.

Find your phone

Many security system companies will contact you should your alarm go off to make sure you are ok. They can also walk you through what to do next and who to contact.

Decide on a Safe Room

Get together with your family and decide on a safe room in your home that everyone will go to if the alarm goes off. This should be a room that is far away from potential entry points for burglars like exterior doors and windows. You could even practice a few drills with your family so they know how to quickly make it to the safe area from their bedrooms. You may want to equip the safe area with a few extra security measures to make it more secure.

Acting with confidence and purpose is critical in the event of a break-in and having an action plan can make a huge difference and potentially save your family member’s lives.

To learn more about what to do in the event of a break-in read the original article on AMP Smart’s blog.

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