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Safety concerns for seniors while they are home become more important as those we love age. Home security systems can play a key role in protecting them while you are gone. Security services that include medical alerts can help them should they need it. They also provide you with a way to monitor how they are doing. There are some steps however that can remove hazards from where they live.

Tripping Hazards

When we age it is harder for us to walk around. If an elderly person falls and there is no one to help them it can be a harmful to their health. It is a good idea to go through their home and look for potential tripping hazards. These could be things like electrical cords in the walkway or anything that could potentially cause them to fall. It may be beneficial to install handrails to help them get around more safely especially in places that are harder to navigate. If there is anything that could cause them to slip like a spill or some kind of smooth wax make sure you quickly clean it up to prevent them from falling. It is also important to check that walkways are large enough in each of the rooms.

Keeping Bathrooms Safe

Because bathrooms tend to be harder to move around in it can be a dangerous area for your loved ones. Leaving the light on at night is important so they can navigate the bathroom by themselves. Make sure faucets are properly labeled hot and cold and it may be necessary to help them with bathing. Make sure the floor is clear from any tripping hazards and the bathroom is clear from anything that would makie it difficult for them to move around. Other dangers include wet tubs, floors and counters so make sure to wipe up promptly. 

Proper Drug Safety

Prescriptions are very common for elderly people and they may be required to take the prescibed medicine multiple times a day. They may have old prescriptions that they no longer take so it may be a good idea to look through their current prescriptions and remove any that are not listed there to avoid mistakes or confusion. They may find that a pill organizer or list to be helpful to know which medicines they need to take and when. If they are also taking over-the-counter drugs make sure to talk with their doctor to make sure no unintended side effects occur. 

These simple steps can ensure that those you love are safe while at home, giving you some much-needed peace of mind. To read the original post visit AMP Smart’s original article on home safety for seniors.

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