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AMP Smart Reviews Protecting Home Where Most Vulnerable

We don’t usually expect our home to be broken into. Even if your doors are locked there are still some vulnerable areas that provide opportunities for people to break in. Being aware of these areas can greatly increase the security of your home, keeping family, valuables and your home safe.

Garage Doors

The older your garage door is the easier it is for home invaders to gain access to your house. It is crucial to have a required code or locking system in place for your garage door so if yours doesn’t have that consider replacing it with a more secure door. Because garages are typically attached directly to your home it is one of the first places a thief will try to gain access to your home. Make sure to regularly check to make sure your garage door is properly locked. 


Windows are another prime target for burglars who are trying to gain access to your home. Ideally, your windows should have locks that require a key to unlock as they are much safer. However, no matter how secure the locks on your windows are, windows can be easily smashed. This is where a good home security system is a real lifesaver. Alarm systems often come with window sensors that can alert you in the event that someone smashed a window. 


Even the most secure locks won’t protect you if the door frame isn’t properly fastened to the home. One or two kicks to a door could break the frame away from the house and allow the burglar to enter your home. Should an attempt at breaking the door fail they could begin searching for a spare key that you have hidden by the front door which is why you should avoid leaving a key outside your home where a burglar could find it and enter your home.

With these few suggestions, you can now know where your home is most vulnerable and take the proper steps to protect what you value most from danger. For more information read the original article “Common Weak Spots in Your Home Security” on AMP Smart’s website.

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