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Your child’s safety is one of the biggest concerns for any parent. As they grow up it is important to teach kids different safety lessons so they can be safe at home and while they are away. Below are a few of the best things to teach kids to make sure they stay safe.

Road Safety

Kids love to explore and as they grow up they are going to want to play outside in the yard and around the neighborhood. Instead of keeping them inside you can teach them what they need to do to stay safe when around the road. Teach them how to properly cross the road by practicing looking both ways and using crosswalks with them. Make sure that they know to avoid busy roads and always be aware of passing cars.

Safely Using Technology

With new technological advances every year it will be more and more important to teach children how to protect themselves from virtual threats. Make sure you know what your children are doing on phones, tablets or computers. Walk them through what they may encounter online and how to avoid bad things when using those devices. Teaching them how to keep from sharing private information with the wrong people is also essential.

Fire Safety

It is also important to teach your children fire safety. Teach them the danger of matches and lighters so they don’t use them for the wrong reasons. In the event of a fire, kids need to know what they should do so make sure they know where the exit routes are and where your family will meet afterward. It’s better to prepare them than it is to scare them.


Sometimes kids are scared to talk about things with their parents because they are scared of being punished. This can be dangerous however because they may be keeping things from you that could end up hurting them. That is why it’s important to make sure that your kids are comfortable talking to you no matter what the subject is.


Teaching your child what to do in the event of an emergency is very important. If someone is severely injured, especially if it is you or your spouse, your child should know how to contact emergency services. If you go through different possible scenarios with them and what to do they should be better prepared should they be put in an emergency situation. It’s also a good idea to have them memorize the phone numbers and contact methods in case of an emergency.


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