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Video doorbells are pretty amazing little gadgets. These video doorbells allow you to see who is at your door even if you’re not home at the time. They help keep your home secure, ward off package stealers, and can record when anyone stops by your door day or night.

It’s important to understand that not all video doorbells are equal. The functions of one may not be found on another. This can lead to less security for your home. Some doorbells have a wide array of functions that are more or less “fluff” that doesn’t add a lot of value. Focus instead on these four critical features that your video doorbell should have.

Two-Way Audio

We talk about video doorbells and focus on just their visual capabilities, but it’s important to highlight the importance of two-way audio. Two-way audio is crucial to have in your video doorbell because it gives you the ability to communicate with whoever is at your door. This works even when you’re not home. You can communicate with them through your smart device. This adds tremendous value for you to stay connected with those who may have missed you when you weren’t home.

Video Storage

Perhaps the best thing about having a good video doorbell is being able to have storage of the recordings from the video. This way you can see who has come to your door, what animals may have been sneaking around your porch, or if someone came trying to break in your home. The important thing is that the video gets stored off-site so that it’s more secure for you to use.

Storing all the video files yourself can be hectic and taxing. It’s tough to learn to set up all the hardware on your own, including adding additional video storage for your system. Aside from that, you would also have to make sure you properly connect your system to the internet. Incorrectly setting up the system may cause the files to be insecure, which means that a criminal or hacker with the right skillset can alter, delete, manipulate, or remove your recordings.

Protected off-site video storage combats all of the above-mentioned events. Accessible by you and only you from anywhere, the drives are physically and electronically protected 24/7.

Night Vision

An essential part of a video doorbell camera is night vision in order to monitor any nighttime activities happening at your front door. Night vision makes it possible for you to monitor everything at your door even when it’s the middle of the night. Nighttime is when most illegal activity happens, so it’s vital to be able to monitor your door when criminals may be lurking around.

Customization Capabilities

An incredibly useful capability of video doorbells is the ability to receive custom alerts. You can set up your alerts so that you can get notifications whenever someone passes by, or maybe just during certain times of the day. The beauty of it all is you can control when to get notifications and what you’ll get notified for. You can get notified every single time someone comes to your door or just when someone comes to your door while you’re away. It’s all up to you! You have the control.

Whatever your preferences, make sure that you find a doorbell camera that gives you the capabilities and features mentioned here. Smart home devices are amazing and can really add value to your home security system. Know your stuff, do your homework, and what you’re buying and you’ll be just fine.

If you want to learn more about smart home security and what devices would be great for your home, contact AMP Smart today!

Harvey Swenson