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Two of the most dangerous areas in the home for pets are the kitchen and bathrooms. A thorough inspection of these rooms to make sure there is nothing that could harm them goes a long way in protecting them while they are in the home. Make sure to keep dangerous chemicals far from where they can reach. Secure and shut all toilets and trash cans. It may be useful to get down on their level and scan for potential hazards they may get into. This includes looking for any small spaces that they could get stuck in. 

Making the Living Room Safe

A common place for pets to spend time while they are indoors is in the living room so it is important to make sure it is safe. There are a few precautions you can take to ensure that they are safe in this room as well. Any loose electrical wiring that they could bite or get tangled up in should be secured and out of reach of your pet. Where possible, remove any fragile objects that could be knocked over by curious pets. If you have any plants in your living room you may need to do some research on whether they are toxic to your pet if they are eaten.

Safety Tips for Bedrooms

Just like with all the other areas of the house you want to check that there aren’t things that your pets can access that will be harmful to their health. Make sure toxic chemicals are stored out of reach. Keep any electrical cords wrapped and out of reach. If you have a small pet it may be necessary to cover any small places they could crawl into. Dirty clothing may be tempting for your pet to eat so make sure it is stored out of reach. 

Though these may seem like basic tips they can make the difference when you are trying to keep your pet safe. Knowing that your pets are safe can give you some much-needed peace of mind. To read through the original post visit AMP Smart’s article on home safety for your pet.

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