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Learning from Your Mistakes

Most Sales Managers have had experience working as a sales representative. Even if you weren’t the top sales representative in the company that experience is valuable in being a successful Sales Manager. Being able to learn from past mistakes and being able to help team members to do the same is an essential skill of successful sales managers. 

Working With a Team

Putting the success of the team ahead of personal gain is an essential skill of a successful Sales Manager. They should cultivate a team environment where every team member has a voice. Sales managers should be able to set goals and work with each team member to reach those goals through training, progress updates and guiding the team’s workflow. 

Sales Experience

Previous experience as a sales representative is invaluable when you transition into being a Sales Manager. That experience is especially relevant when it is with the same company that you were a sales representative for so you have an idea of what it takes to do a good job. If you are a long-time member of the sales team the transition to Manager can be a lot easier on you and the Sales Manager training you. 

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