Many people fear that burglars will find a way around security systems by cutting through security wires or using the latest technology to beat the system. However, this is a myth. Just like the many other myths people know about security systems. 

The truth is, when burglars see a sign in your yard or other indications that you have a home security system, they will almost always pass on breaking into your house. Burglars are usually desperate amateurs looking for easy targets. Anything they can do to not get caught. 

Make It Look Too Easy

Burglars are looking for the easiest ways to break in. It is important to make breaking into your home look difficult. The best way to do this is by getting a quality, highly-visible home security system. AMP Smart Home is a system that uses wireless technology so that there are no wires to cut. As well, with AMP Smart your data is highly encrypted and secure. You can connect this system to exterior cameras that can be placed in plain sight and deter robbers. The system also connects to smart locks and sensors that detect signs of a break-in. When thieves see that AMP Smart sign they know it’s easier to just move on to another house. 

When and Where Do Burglars Break In

Often people believe myths about what locations and times thieves look to target homes. People think that thieves work at night when it is dark and hard for others to see. However, targeting homes during the day look less suspicious and leaves homes vulnerable while residents are away at work or school. 

Additionally, there is the myth that living in a good neighborhood means the police will protect you from robberies. But most robberies happen fast and thieves can escape quickly. This means that oftentimes, police aren’t able to respond in time. 

If your home has video surveillance this changes the equation. Once a break-in is detected, an alarm goes off and sends an alert to the police. They will look and view the robbery in progress and then respond quickly giving a greater chance to catch the intruder. 

AMP Smart Home Security

A home security system can provide homeowners with the peace of mind they need. An AMP Smart system can be personalized to your unique situation and home circumstances. It can also be connected to your phone with the AMP Smart Mobile App, giving you control, surveillance, and peace of mind wherever you are. 


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