Is The Cost of Home Security Worth It?

Life is full of countless products and services that make our lives easier. People selling these products and services know that there is no way we can take advantage of each one, so they create ways to sell us on what we get in return for our money. Not every product or service qualifies as being worth an investment. This leaves the question, how can we tell whether or not something is worth our time and hard-earned money? 

For the most part, the answer is straightforward: does the upfront cost save us money in the long run? Home security serves as a perfect example of how to determine the worth of a product. There are many options and price ranges out there for home security services. The number of options and the size of your home will determine the pricing. However, the general price range of home security systems ranges from around $20 per month to approximately $80 per month, after the initial activation charges. In the long run, that amounts to $240 to $960 per year in costs. The annual sum might dissuade some people from looking further into home security systems, but this is where the cost-benefit equation begins to take action. 

Two High-Value Points: Peace of Mind & Avoided Costs of Burglary

A home security systems have two value points that are its major selling points. The first is peace of mind. This is a hard thing to measure, but in this case, we will just call it an additional benefit. In terms of pure measurable costs, the value of a home security system is what it can save you in lost property. 

On average, a home burglary costs $2,230 in property loss or damage. That cost largely outweighs the cost of a home security system. Even with insurance covering the cost of stolen property, each homeowner would need to also factor in the time and energy spend reporting the crime, waiting for payment, and replacing stolen items. The aftermath of a break-in can take up so much time and money that you’ll wish you invested in a home security system sooner. 

Get Ahead of The Potential Threat and Be Proactive

To avoid the loss of time and money, the best solution is to be proactive. Invest in a home security system that meets the need of your home and budget. There are numerous home security options so it is important to choose the most cost-effective. 

Once your home security system is in place, make sure you are still doing your part in protecting your home by always making sure you lock your doors when you leave. The majority of home burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm when homeowners are away at work or on errands. With the right precautions like keeping entry points visible and installing jams and locks on windows. With the right precautions, you can rest easy knowing your home and property are protected. That peace of mind by itself makes the upfront cost and effort worth it. 


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