A crucial step to understanding the overall security of your home is making sure that all areas of the house are covered. This is particularly important when It comes to your garage. Most intruders choose to enter through the garage since it’s usually the least protected part of most homes. Home security systems can play a very important part of keeping your garage, and the rest of your home, safe.

Home Security Installation

The first thing you need to do is find a home security system that fits your needs. Many of these security systems have 24/7 monitoring capabilities, and many other systems to help you detect intruders. As soon as a break-in is detected, many of these systems will contact you and the proper authorities.

Cover Your Windows

This is a small safety hazard that is often overlooked. If there are windows on your garage, you should consider covering them to keep anyone from looking into your garage to see what you have stored there. This practice is especially important when you are planning on being out of town for several days.

Keep the Garage Door Locked

This may sound like common sense, but just drive through any residential neighborhood and you’re likely to see a few wide-open garage doors with no residents insight. Make sure your garage door is secured with things like a deadbolt, having more than one lock, using a programmed entry code, or using padlocks. Most homes should even consider changing their garage doors to a sturdy material like solid wood, fiberglass, or even metal.

Motion Detector Lights

This is an affordable security measure that can deter prying eyes or possible intruders. These lights can react to motion, temperature, movement and then will stay lit for a preset period of time. Unless it detects anything else, the light will usually shut off automatically.

While it may be easy, securing your garage door is one of the most overlooked security risks in suburban homes. Using a reliable security system can help you know when danger is near and give you a chance to react so you can keep your home and the people you love safe from harm.

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