One thing you can count on every summer is seeing temperatures rise as well as your energy bills. Finding the balance between a cool and comfortable home and not having your wallet emptied may seem impossible. 

Fortunately, with the use of a smart home smart thermostat you can keep your home cool and your AC costs down. Automatic temperature adjustments and preset temperatures make saving money easy and help keep your come comfortable. 

AMP Smart professionals have some tips to get the most out of your smart home thermostat this summer. 

Smart home Smart Thermostat Benefits for Summer

A smart thermostat is one of the greatest investments you can make this summer. Here are a few reasons why you can’t do without this advanced technology:

  • Control Your Thermostat Remotely: Summer means you’re on the go more often. Sometimes you forget to turn the thermostat up a few degrees before leaving your house. With the AMP Smart app, you can control your smart thermostat from anywhere. 
  • Motion Sensors: When you install room sensors it allows you to maximize smart thermostat efficiency. When you enter a room the sensor will automatically adjust the thermostat temperature to your set desire. 
  • Pre-program Your Thermostat: When you program your smart thermostat, there is no need to head to the thermostat multiple times a day to change the temperature. 
  • Automatic Temperature Changes: Your smart thermostat can sense the temperature changes that happen in your home with you are baking or have decided to open the windows. All of this ensures that your home stays at an energy-efficient temperature all on its own. 

How to Manage Your Smart Thermostat This Summer

Check out these tips below to further ensure your home is energy efficient this summer and save you money:

  • Set your smart thermostat to 78 degrees when you’re at home. 
  • Program your thermostat to be a few degrees warmer when you’re not at home or asleep. 
  • Remember setting the AC to the lowest temperature won’t help cool your house down quickly. Instead, close your blinds and drapes to help cool your home. 
  • The bigger the temperature difference in your home compared to outside, the harder it is to cool your home. Set your home temperature closer to the outside temperature to slow the amount of heat coming into your home.

Discover More from AMP Smart

If you are ready to upgrade your thermostat or learn more about building a smart home, contact AMP Smart today. We strive to make every customer enjoy the ultimate comfort and peace of mind at home. Our technology can help you achieve that goal. Discover how effortless and beneficial an automated home can be.


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